I’ve nearly finished the first of my three days off and I have achieved very little other than catch up on my sleep but I don’t think I’ve wasted my day as I feel much much better for it! Since I woke up I’ve been playing with my new Macbook Pro all afternoon; I’ve facetimed Mum in Saudi Arabia and Papa on the Isle of Wight, I’ve downloaded some new apps (Machianarium is so much fun) and been sorting out my life with Numbers, iCal and Pages. All in all it’s been a productive afternoon and all done from the comfort of my lovely bed!

In other news J Bear decided a few weeks ago that life as a Bunny just wasn’t for her and she needed a new adventure which has taken her to Dubai of all places! This meant that we had a spare room here at BCM Towers and today new Boy Flatmate moved in to join myself, V and the Canadian (different Canadian to the one I dated last year just FYI). New Boy Flatmate works at one of my favourite bars in Covent Garden and has the most enormous DVD and booze collections…..I see good times ahead!

I don’t know about you but I really really hate the high street at this time of year (which is unfortunate given that I practically live on Oxford Street in London). Don’t get me wrong I love the sales and finding things you’ve lusted over at reduced prices is fabulous but the number of people that venture out make trying to shop in person a hideous experience, in my book anyway! I much prefer to do my sale shopping online. I find that I (generally) only buy things that I really want and I don’t have to sharpen my elbows incase I need to fend off other shoppers with similar tastes to mine. I’ve been very well behaved this year and only bought this dress….

…… from Oasis which I saw in Look magazine (one of my favourites) a few weeks ago. I love this fit and flare style of dress and I can usually buy them from the high street as they aren’t fitted over my hips. I’ve bought a few things from Oasis recently but I have to admit they kind of fell off my radar for a while but I really like some of their dresses at the moment so I have another procrastination site to add to my list! 

Did you get any fab bargains in the January sales this year?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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