I’m worried…….no scratch that I’m downright scared! I signed up last Valentines day to Shoeperwomans shoe challenge thinking….”no sweat, I’ll have that finished in a couple of months”……

…..and everything was going so well but then my stupid camera started playing up. This was one of the reasons I stopped posting on here so often (amongst other things that is) as I don’t like putting up posts with no photos and the pictures I could take were oh so very fuzzy. 

Basically I’ve worn at least two thirds of my shoe collection but I’ve only photographed one third of them and the rules state……

  • You must take photos of yourself wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”. (Full length outfit shots only: photos showing just your feet don’t count!)
……so, as I say, I’m worried because the next rule is…..

  • Use ‘em or lose ‘em: any shoes you haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of.

I’m not going to be able to buy a new camera anytime soon so photographic evidence is going to be something of an issue! Now, I know that I can stand to loose a few pairs of shoes (only a few mind you) and some of them I won’t be sad to see go but some of them I’m not sure I’m going to able let go of especially if they are some of the ones I have actually worn. I can see some bending of the rules in my future….that or maybe an extension of the deadline to save some of my beloved foot ware….

What do you think? Is the lack of a working camera a sufficient excuse for not getting rid of shoes I have worn but not photographed? All thoughts, answers, solutions and commiserations gratefully received! 

Lots of Love

P.S. x

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  • Do not dispose of shoes unless you know you will never wear them again! Don't throw them anyway…. ebay them? I am envious of your shoe collection!
    How did the makeup clearing out go? 😉