I’m a very happy bunny at the moment, for many reasons, but currently my main happiness source is this beauty…..

…..the All Saints Harris biker jacket which I have been lusting over since I came across it in Grazia magazine about two years ago. I visited it in the All Saints Selfridges concession, tried it on and swooned over it but, alas, the price tag of £475 put it out of my reach. 
A few months later I was randomly (!) given a £500 Selfridges gift voucher…..I knew I wanted a black leather jacket so I went back to the All Saints concession thoroughly over excited at the prospect of taking home the jacket I had fallen in love with. When I got there however doubts crept in and I started thinking that despite how much I loved the Harris jacket it wasn’t the most practical of clothing items and maybe I should buy myself a still fabulous but slightly more sensible jacket…..which I did. I got the lovely Manu jacket for £325….
……which I adore and wear all the time, I love the shape and that it also has suede elements as well as the buttery soft leather. As much as I love Manu I still couldn’t get Harris out of my head and I had a twinge of regret every now and then so I started scouring eBay on the off chance that someone had bought one and decided it just wasn’t for them and, finally, I found one in my size! A fairly tame bidding war ensued and £269 later I am the proud owner of my very own Harris biker jacket! I can’t wait for it arrive…..fingers crossed the weather will play ball and be mild enough for me to start wearing it immediately! 
Are there any items of clothing that you’ve let slip through your fingers over the years? I’m currently searching for these Vivienne Westwood boots…..
…..which I have loved for years now but can not find anywhere and a Mulberry Phoebe bag…… 

…..now I’m not usually a bag lady but I love this style and I really really want one in my life, in any colour….I’m not fussy! If you are currently searching for that elusive item you just have to have I wish you luck.

Lots of Love
P.S. x
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  • Saw an Alexander McQueen laptop case on the outnet.com last week and immediately fell in love, 50% off but still wayyyy out of my budget as a student. But I knew if I let it go, i'd always regret not having bought it so guess whats in the post.. yay! 😀