The description of my blog may have given you a clue but I do class myself as a bit of a huge geek! You may also be aware that I recently purchased a shiny new Macbook Pro (17″ baby!). I decided that it would be a sensible idea to buy the OnetoOne service that Apple offer which is basically “Mac’s for Dummies” lessons….as many as you want for one whole year, fab!

As I was heading off to my first tutorial the first problem of owning my Mac became apparent……..I don’t own a bag big enough to transport the thing around in! I got to my local store with my shiny (and expensive) machine poking out the top of my handbag and the geek Genius that was going to be teaching me the basics stammered that they didn’t really stock anything big enough for the 17″ model and my best bet was Amazon! Hmmm maybe get one or two 17″ bags in stock Apple peeps?!
Now, I looked on Amazon and all the bags were either very boring black affairs or very lovely but rather expensive leather numbers. I had already purchased a Speck clear case but I definitely need something to carry everything around in so I decided to search on Etsy for some clever soul who would be able to make me something practical and pretty. I found this very clever lady who made me this fabulous thing…..

…….it has all the pockets I need and is water resistant to boot! Having bought something so pretty to carry my Mac around in I decided to find something to make the machine itself beautiful. Many will argue that the Macbook Pro is a thing of beauty in and of itself and I totally agree but once I discovered all the different types of stickers and decals available I just couldn’t restrain myself. I finally decided on this design…….

…….because it was just so pretty and came with the outside, keyboard and power adaptor decals (although the decal for the power adaptor is too large so I’ll have to work out some way of trimming it down)! I may well get tired of it in a while but for now I’m loving my flowery laptop!
What are your thoughts? Leave well enough alone and let the purity of the design shine or enhance and personalise according to your mood?

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