The Ginger Terror is currently asleep UNDER the duvet besides my feet, she has a thing about my feet…..I’m not sure why….

…..but whenever I turn up she firmly plants herself on or next to my feet so they obviously hold some amazing dog attracting power that I was previously unaware of! How exciting….although as super powers go I’m not sure “dog attracting feet” would be right at the top of my list….or is that just me?

Today has been fabulously lazy, I’ve had a soak in Mum and Papa’s new upstairs swimming pool bath…..

….honestly I can do laps in this thing and I’m 5ft8″! I then curled up on the sofa reading my new book….

……it’s by Rick Riordan and it’s the follow up to the Percy Jackson series which I loved (Greek Mythology is one of my all time favourite subjects, after dragons that is). Papa and I then made our leisurely way up to B&A’s place for roastie beastie (lamb *drool*) and a few hands of Crazy 8’s….

…..which I was thoroughly trounced at! *Hmpf*

I did make Papa take some photos of todays outfit as promised, I tried to take a few myself with the iPhone and a full length mirror but I’m not a fan….

….I think Paps’s results were much nicer…..

…..I’m wearing…..

Cardigan: Jane Norman
Jumper: All Saints
Dress: H&M
Tights: Boots
Boots: All Saints
Necklace: Little Nell

…..these are the first of my eight pairs of shoes I’m allowing myself this year and I’ve had them on non stop since I bought them on Friday. They are gorgeous, comfy and warm….I’m quite tempted to go back and by the black pair too….

…..although I did buy a pair of black high heeled boots at the same time as I bought these so maybe I won’t! The dress I’m wearing has this print all over it…..

…..I saw Laura over at A Daisy Chain Dream wearing it the other day and I just had to have it! I’m not sure if I’m being terribly twee wearing this or fabulously ironic but either way I love it and I don’t’ care.

So this is the end of my “Sunday” curled up on a very comfy sofa bed with a good book, some Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and a small ginger dog firmly planted on my feet. All in all I’m happy, even though I need to try and stay awake until at least 3am to get back into night shift mode…I hope your weekends have been just as good?

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