I’ve been quite quiet for the past couple of weeks mainly because I’ve been working….lots! I did thirteen days without a break and ten of those days were the dreaded “Graveyard” shift….starting work at 6.15am EW! Now anyone that knows me will tell you I am not a morning person, at all. I haven’t had to work the Graveyard since June and I managed to talk my way out of a week of them in December so I knew it was only a matter of time before they caught up with me.

I find it completely impossible to go to sleep at 8pm, if I’m to get my full eight hours sleep I need to be ASLEEP by 8pm. Instead I find myself lying in bed, in the dark, trying anything to drift off and failing miserable. Which ends up in my clock watching, which then depresses me as I’m counting down the number of hours until I have to get up! It’s a horrid vicious cycle which gets worse as the week goes on. I’d be so knackered when I eventually got to work that I really shouldn’t have been allowed to do anything with any responsibility (I even lose the ability to count to fifty two which is kinda crucial) and when I finally got home all I’d want to do was pass out!

By week two of hell I made an executive decision and actually went to bed when I got home……at around 2.30pm in the afternoon! Ooooooooooh mmmmmmmm geeeeeeee! I felt so much better, ok ok it was a little weird getting up at 10/11pm at night to start my day but by the time I was going to work I felt great! If only it had been Summer I might have seen some sun and felt less like a Vampire but all in all I definitely think this is the way forward……if I can’t talk my way out of my next week of Graveyards that is!

After my marathon run of working days I’ve come down to the Island (Isle of Wight) to help Papa sort out a few things around the house and generally chill out with the Ginger Terror…..

…..she is so cute when she’s all quiet and sleepy, I just wish this state of hers lasted longer as she has a VERY high pitched yip!

In other news……I was reading the lovely Gem’s blog and I fell in love with a discovery of hers Little Nell. The jewellery is so adorable and when I saw this…..

……I couldn’t resist! Thankfully it arrived before my trip down here to the Isle so I’ve been wearing it all the time. I also bought the wishbone necklace which I love. All the pieces are so cute and I love the packaging the necklaces arrived in. I’d highly recommend you have a look.

Seeing as I have a photographer (Papa) at my beck and call currently I shall try and do an outfit post tomorrow with the iPhone! We’ve been invited invited ourselves to Mama & Papa’s friends up the road for Sunday roastie beastie (it’s technically my Sunday so it counts!). The only reason we are gatecrashing at the fabulous B&A’s is due to the kitchen here being totally remodelled……currently there isn’t even a proper floor and even less work surface space which would make cooking a roast beast slightly awkward me thinks. We are having my favourite roast leg of lamb so I can’t wait!

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