I don’t know about you but I hate shopping for jeans! It is one of my least favourite things to do. I have such an unusual body shape that my experience pretty much always involves me finding loads of colours and styles that I want to try on……getting hot, sweaty and frustrated in the changing room when not one single style fits…..heading home via the shoe shop with yet another pair of shoes because at least I can always find shoes that fit!

Now as you may remember I do have one rather special pair of jeans that fitted me perfectly from Bodymetrics which I love but currently can’t squeeze into. They cost me £285 (I got the Swarovski crystal details added otherwise they would have only been £250…..!) which I think is a fair price for a handcrafted pair of perfectly fitting jeans. However Bodymetrics have since launched a shape range and upped the price of the tailored to fit jeans to £400 a pair which is way too expensive for me.

I had resigned myself to a life lived in denim look treggings (which I do like) but I someone mentioned Levi’s Curve ID to me and I wondered……. Now there are apparently four different curve identities; slight, demi, bold and supreme. The link I’ve used will take you to the quick quiz which helps you identify your specific curve and it turns out I’m a bold…..who knew!

I hot footed it down to my local Levi’s store and cornered an unsuspecting sales assistant to help me (poor boy) I told him I’d done the online quiz and my results to which he replied “no one is a bold curve, the quiz thing isn’t quite accurate”. Ok……well I have no idea of my size so I just asked him to bring me the different shapes and colours I was after in a variety of sizes in the demi curve, oh and one pair of bold curve ones…..just for fun.

Of course I tried on the bold curve ones first and they fitted me perfectly! When I showed the sales assistant  his response was “Oh! That never happens!” he promptly scuttled off to grab me the different styles available in the bold curve and I spent a happy hour trying on jeans that actually fitted and wouldn’t need altering. I ended up buying two pairs, one pair of black skinnies and one pair of dark blue straight leg jeans.

The range of styles isn’t extensive in the bold curve you can only get skinnies, straight or bootleg cuts but I’m already planning on purchasing the cream skinnie cords, purple skinnies, maybe the grey straight legs too oh and maybe some of the pastel shades……!

Do you enjoy jean shopping? Do you have a go to brand that you know will always fit? Any tips or tricks you’d care to share?

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  • ha, I thought this post was going to be about blackberries!
    I don't wear jeans at all. I found them too uncomfortable round the waist, and they either gaped at the back when I sat, or muffin topped me. So i just threw the two pairs I owned out and never looked back! the only trousers I wear now are leggings under dresses!
    I am fairly short, and the only high street shop I found that sold the perfect length for me was regular length in dotty P's, but the stretchy denim loses its shape so quickly! I never bothered to try any more expensive brands because I knew I would never wear them! I buy denim shorts in Gap though, so perhaps a browse there if you're ever near one?

    Good luck, but these Levis looks good so perhaps you're onto a winner!

  • not sure if you ever read about my motherload, but it is the result of trying to find the perfect jeans! so hard! i now stick with a couple brands that i know will fit. glad you found something that works!