So I’ve decided to have another little flirt with the world of online dating and reactivated my My Single Friend account last week. I got chatting to a few different guys and set up a first date for Sunday night….

Now it was Mr Non Starters idea to meet up on Sunday and as I was working he agreed to come to Mayfair to meet me at 9pm(ish) at one of my favourite bars, great! We arranged all this on Wednesday and in my final email I gave him my phone number to make sorting out the finer details easier. It gets to Sunday and I’ve still heard nothing from Mr NS……ok, maybe he’s planning to text in the afternoon….to at least confirm we are still meeting. Erring on the side of caution I decide to dress for a date whilst also being snow appropriate, not the easiest undertaking let me assure you!

It gets to 5pm and still nothing! It’s Ginger Bunnies birthday too and she’s asked a few of us to come and join her for a few drinks which I’m now kinda guessing I’ll be free for. We can’t take our phones on the gaming floor (where the hell would we keep them? Our corsets are TIGHT!) so when I finish work at 8.30pm (fabulous “chop” aka getting let out early) I check my phone to discover a text from Mr NS which reads ……

“Hi Purdey. How are you feeling? I’m struggling after a very late night last night! Mr NS x”
……I received this text at 19.09. First off….how am I feeling?? Most odd! Secondly…….why not directly come to the point? Why beat around the proverbial bush? I sent back…..
“Hi. I’ve only just got this as I was on the gaming floor. I’ve just finished, I take it you’re passing on tonight?”
……I sent this at 20.36 and I think it was a reasonable response. Now I knew I wasn’t seeing Mr NS that night and hot footed it over to Ginger Bunnies birthday drinks but I did expect some kind of quick response confirming my suspicion. Did I get one? Well this arrived……
“Hi I’m really sorry but I’m wiped! I hope we can re-arrange. Mr NS”

…..which arrived at 21.24!!! Half an hour after our date was supposed to start! Hmmmmm now usually I’m not a total bitch (well not a lot of the time…..) but I was miffed so I sent back…
“No thanks. Good luck with your search”

……it made me giggle and feel a little better! My night carried on and I had a fabulous time.
I got a voicemail from Mr NS today trying to explain the previous days escapades… he’d been out with friends and got stuck in the snow and then didn’t get home till 5am (!) and how he’d been at his Grandfathers and his phone was very low on charge and how he couldn’t text back quickly because of bad phone reception too……the man has very poor grammar and there were no full stops to be heard! This is slightly worrying as he claims to be a brain surgeon and I thought they had to have a firm grasp on the English language, no? 
Anyway I digress, all these things may well be true but if it was me and I was feeling as tired/rough/hung over as Mr NS clearly was I would have made an effort to cancel my date a little earlier than half an hour after it was meant to have started but maybe that’s just me?
In other news it snowed this weekend……

…..the first two are the view from my bedroom window at night….so pretty if a little dark! The last picture I can’t take credit for Amber snapped it whilst she was out walking Archie B. Did you have fun in the snow?
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