I think I may have a problem……

…..I seem to have a Soap and Glory addiction! I love their products, the weird and wonderful names they come up with and the way the products actually work. So far there isn’t one thing from them that I haven’t loved (I’ve got duplicates of all of these stored in my bathroom cabinet!). What do you think, are you a Soap and Glory fan?

Anyways moving swiftly on from my random “fan girl” moment…….tonight the Bunnies are hitting the town for Ginger Bunny’s birthday party/dinner, we are heading to Volupté for an evening of fine dining, cocktails and titillation! You see Volupté is a burlesque club and tonights show is “Burlesque and Blues” which I am very much looking forward to. I got myself a new dress for the occasion…..

……from Dotty P’s no less! I was actually quite surprised when I went in there to stock up on tee’s and tights (I love their coloured tights) by how much of their range I ended up lusting after! I bought this dress, some skinny belts and a gorgeous green polka dot top which I am sure you will be seeing soon. There are a few other things that have been added to my wish list and I will be checking back on them more often this Spring me thinks!

For the record……Volupté was totally amazing! We had a fabulous time and were very well looked after. The food was great, the entertainment wonderful and the cocktails were even better…..

……and these were just a few of the many and varied offerings we got this evening! They also had the most amazing wall of vintage sweets which I couldn’t resist….

……red liquorice and some kind of raspberry flavoured blue yumminess! If you happen to be in London and at a loose end I highly recommend this place!

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