So unfortunately the Sheer Cover make up I decided to try set off my allergies so I had to send it back. I’ll be interested to see how accurate the online reviews are of the companies customer service, according to the lady I spoke to I should be refunded my payment within five working days of them receiving the returned make up… lets see. I sent it all back recorded delivery so fingers crossed the reviews are wrong!

In other, more exciting news the fabulous Amber and I are going on holiday in April! I’m so excited as I haven’t been abroad for years and I love lying in the sun, reading books and doing my best rotisserie chicken impression (I need to get evenly tanned!). Rather cheekily, I think, the airlines are now charging extra for you to take a bag with you so Amber and I plan to pack one bag together for the week… will be interesting! Now this will obviously mean that I won’t be taking my usual ten paperback books with me so it’s time to start looking at KindlesSony eReader’s and the like.

Now I think the Kindle is great value for money but I really like the Sony eReader because it’s touchscreen (I’m not sure why that’s important but it is), it has the inbuilt dictionary, you can buy your eBooks from anywhere not just Amazon and it looks prettier! My Mum has very kindly given me her original iPad……

……..which technically I could use as an eReader but it’s not ideal for reading out in the sun. I’m not sure which one to go for……but I am leaning towards spending a little more money and getting the Sony.

The only thing I don’t like about the eReaders is that you won’t have the book in reality! I love books and although I have very limited storage for them now…..

…….I still want to own them, especially the books that I love. I used to have three of these Ikea Billy bookcases full of books but I had to downsize and now I have to squish my collection into just one which is tough! I can see myself buying books for my eReader and then buying the actual book itself to add to my collection! Hmmmmm I bought a DVD recently which allowed me to put the film (Percy Jackson) on all my different devices…..maybe they should think about doing that with books? I’d pay a little extra for a book that I could also download to my eReader, how about you?

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  • Ooh, yay for holidays. I've got an Amazon kindle, and even though it's not touch screen in a way I prefer that. I always 'make mistakes' with touch screens (e.g delete book…noooo!I'm exaggerating, but that sort of thing).