It’s pancake day! Yum, I love pancakes. This also means that lent starts tomorrow and that’s not such a great thing. Two years ago I gave up chocolate, last year Blue Eyed Guy and I agreed to give up chocolate, sweets and crisps! I’ve decided to do it again this year so I’m getting in a fix of my favourite crisps and sweets in today…..

……..Wheat Crunchies in Spicy Tomato flavour are my absolute favourite, as are Tooty Frooties…….mmmmmmm sugary goodness! Rather weirdly Blue Eyed Guy texted right in the middle of me writing this post to check that the desserts at The Harwood Arms aren’t too tempting as he is also giving up junk food for lent! I’m taking Blue Eyed Guy out for dinner next week as we haven’t seen each other in ages and I always promised to take him to The Harwood. Honestly any excuse for me to eat there is alright by me!

Now you may have noticed that I’m back to blogging semi regularly, which I’m loving, but that I’m not posting outfit photos which I’m hating. My stupid camera is stupid, there is this stupid weird black spot that seems to be in the lens and the stupid images are all fuzzy constantly…..did I mention it’s stupid! Grrrrr Argh!

…….I have no idea what those two black splotches are but they are so annoying!! As I’m not going to be buying myself an eReader (the iPad will be fine for now) I can start looking at a new camera…….help!! I have no idea what I want or what I need. Ok so maybe thats not exactly true I do have a wish list which looks a little something like this….

  • small enough to be transported easily
  • something that will take multiple shots at once or a camera that works with a remote
  • something that will give me great quality non fuzzy pictures
  • green

……ok so that last item on the list isn’t that important but I would like a pretty camera as well as a functional one. Mum bought Papa a really fancy camera for his 60th birthday present last year so I shall be bending his ear when I see him next week for his expert opinion. Any advice/recommendations would also be greatly received.

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