So last nights date was lovely, he actually turned up which was a major plus point, he was as tall as he said he was on the website, he looked like his pictures, he was totally charming and he made me laugh. Did I fancy him? Of course I didn’t! Oh bloody hell!

I’m not sure if my experiment is a success or a failure in this case? I don’t know if there were no butterflies in the stomach because I wasn’t expecting there to be or if I talked myself out of the butterflies. Can you ever manufacture the butterflies in the stomach feeling and if you can should you? I’m not saying that you should force yourself to fancy someone when you clearly never will (been there, tried that……it did not end well) but if you get on with someone and they make you laugh do you think you can get to the butterflies stage? On the flip side can you talk yourself out of the butterflies stage……by that I mean can you play something down in your head so much that any excitement /anticipation that you were potentially feeling gets squashed by your brain trying to be practical? Hmmmmm too many questions for one paragraph me thinks! Possibly too many mentions of the word butterflies too……

In any event I had a fab time, we had a few drinks, talked about many and varied subjects, ate some really good steak and have tentatively agreed to a second date (he really is lovely and he really did make me laugh)! I ended up semi dressing up for the evening in jeans and a silk top…..

……..this is the Dorothy Perkins number I mentioned before, I took the belt off and wore that as a head scarf and I like to think I look a little bit 50’s bombshell in the whole ensemble, or is that just me? These are my other pair of bold curve  Levi’s jeans I bought early this year and they are just as fab fitting as the black ones I’ve shown you (yes these are dark blue…..I promise). As you can see the weird black splotches are nicely placed over my arm and the picture itself is just as fuzzy as ever……grrrr!

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