I had another busy day yesterday…..another Power Plate class…..yay……(can you tell I’m really enjoying exercising?), then I met a lovely new friend, P, to talk about her moving up to London in the near future over lunch and then I had a fabulous dinner date with this rather handsome chap……

…….my very good friend Mike (swit swoo Mike, swit swoo….looking very foxy in this picture!). If you’ve been reading this blog for the last few days/ever you’ll have heard me mention The Harwood Arms, I can’t rave about the place enough and it just so happens that the lovely Mike up there owns it! I said he was fabulous didn’t I? Unfortunately for me we didn’t eat at The Harwood, we went to Chez Bruce instead which was amazing! Not only did I get to eat some wonderful food last night but I also had a great excuse to dress up so I wore this little lot……

……..I’ve decided to power through with outfit pictures despite the currently crap camera and I hope you will all forgive me? I definitely make more of an effort with my outfits if I’m photographing them for the blog and I kinda miss that so, for the next few weeks at least you can safely look forward to fuzzy outfit pictures with two weird black splotches in them….oh the glamour! Whats your opinion? Would you “make do and mend” as it were with a crappy camera or would you rather not post pictures you weren’t 100% happy with the quality of?

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