I’m currently curled up on the sofa with The Ginger Terror overlooking a slightly grey sea….yes that’s right I’m back on the Isle that is Wight with Papa. I’ve come down to help out with a few bits and pieces which also seems to include heavy lifting of furniture! That’s ok though as it’s fun to play around with how rooms look and what pieces should go where. Mum is getting involved via FaceTime and it’s a great help having a fresh pair of eyes looking at what we’ve done……..until the fresh pair of eyes suggests moving the heaviest thing to another spot just to see how it looks…….(I’m kidding Mum!).

Not only was I a furniture removal man for the day, I was also an artist! Papa is revamping the entire house and that includes the name plaque, we broke out the gold paint and got busy…..

……I’m not sure if The Ginger Terror was trying to help or get high but she insisted that my lap was the only place she wanted to be at that precise moment in time! It’s not the finished article yet……

……there are more layers of paint to be applied and then Papa will varnish it but I think it looks lovely (that’s the magpie in me coming out…..”Oooooo shiny, shiny excites!”) and will look fab when it’s completed.

After our day of “hard labour” we decided to treat ourselves to a fire, Papa has found a fabulous use for the shredder……

…….and in no time all we have a lovely roaring fire………

…….we also decided to treat ourselves to a chinese feast……….

……..which was very yummy but enough to feed at least another three people, guess what we are having for lunch today! After all the excitement of the day The Ginger Terror was knackered…….

……isn’t she cute!

Today, after much more moving and sorting, Papa and I are heading up to B&A’s for dinner, last time I was here we invited ourselves for roastie beastie this time we are bringing fish & chips. I’ve never been a huge fish and chip fan mainly because I didn’t really like fish when I was little (except whitebait, I love whitebait! I think it’s because they are so tiny and you eat the whole thing and that appealed to me as a child….not sure why), whenever we had a fish supper I was always the awkward one ordering half a chicken. Tonight however I will be partaking of fish as I have been assured that this is the best fish and chips EVER! I’m looking forward to it…….om nom nom!

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