What a week! I have rolling days off which means four times a year I get three day weekends (yay) but this also means that for the other eight months I have a six day week when the days off change and I’ve just finished mine. Bluergh! I have a lot planned for my days off including dancing, dressmaking and dieting….

My lovely Mum bought me some gorgeous fabric for Christmas and I’ve been trying to work out what I wanted to do with it, I finally decided on a 50’s style wiggle dress. When I went to get the fabric out of the storage box under my bed I had a little look through at what else I had in there…..I ended up with ideas for five dresses!

I love maxi dresses but I’m not too keen on the straight up and down looks that are on the high street at the moment,  I prefer the dresses to have a bit of movement but I also don’t like the tiered look that seems to be the only other option (with a few exceptions) available so I decided to make some for myself. I have many many metres of sari silk which I was very unsure how to use so I thought the halter neck maxi dress would be the answer. I also decided to make myself a pair of black high waisted flared trousers too……I think I’ll be busy for the next few weeks!

In other news I’ve decided to try out the Jenny Craig diet plan for a month in the hopes that I’ll feel comfortable in my bikini……did I mention I’m going on holiday next month? Eeeeep! I am fully aware that I am not big and I do like my shape but I am about a stone heavier than I have ever been before and I don’t like it. I’ve started exercising again (which I don’t love but I also don’t hate it anymore either which is progress) and I know this will help but I also realised that my diet is awful! I eat for convenience rather than health and nutrition (or taste), working the weird hours I do I sometimes always seem to eat badly. I had a look online at a variety of different meal delivery options available and there were a few I thought about trying but the half price Jenny Craig offer swayed me. Yesterday the boxes were delivered…..

…….I’m actually looking forward to this next month! I was able to customise my menu, taking out anything I don’t like (mushrooms, beans and porridge…….ewww) and there are lots of “free foods” I can add and lots of snack options so I’m not going to go hungry. Wish me luck?

Tonight I shall be heading out for an evening of dancing and general merriment with some of my fellow Bunnies which I am very much looking forward to. I’ve no idea what I’m going to wear but it will definitely include one of my new pairs of shoes……..

…….thats four pairs I’ve bought so far this year and that leaves me only four more pairs for the rest of the year (I will be sticking to my resolution)! How are your New Years resolutions going so far?

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