Meh…… head exploded and I’m only now just putting it back together. Less dramatically put I’ve had my first migraine…….ew! Ew might be a little bit of an understatement actually……exploding eyeballs, vomiting and having to lie in a darkened room for hours…..yup definitely more than ew…….anyway moving swiftly on!

I’m so overly excited…..I’ve booked my tickets to Brisbane! I’m officially going to Australia in August! Eeepppp!

Way too many exclamation points used in this paragraph! Ooooops there’s another one…………I still have a lot of things to get sorted; airport hotels, the flights to Fiji, accommodation while in Fiji, travel insurance etc etc but I’m getting it organised! I have lifts to and from the airport arranged so at least thats two things crossed off my to do list!

In other news I got a little surprise package in the post today which made me feel a lot better. The fabulous Lauren of Lauren Grace Jewellery……..

…….sent me this gorgeous thing…..

……I love charm necklaces and this mini bee and green crystal are totally stunning, I can’t wait to wear it. The packaging is beautiful and the craftsmanship is amazing. Head over to Lauren’s blog and website and check out her fabulous creations. I already have my eye on a silver name necklace and some mini bee earrings!

However I have pretty much 99.9% decided to set myself a shopping ban for one hundred days starting from next payday (28th March). There are a few reasons for this; I’ve read about a few other bloggers who are doing this recently, I already own sooooooo many things (a lot of which still have the tags on) and I want to save some money. I’m going to set myself some rules to stick to……..

  1. The ban starts on the 28th March and will finish on the 6th July, one hundred whole days!
  2. No clothes, shoes or jewellery can be bought during the one hundred days
  3. I can buy toiletries but only once the ones I already have run out
  4. No take aways or taxis! 
  5. I can buy new books but only when I’ve finished reading all the ones I’ve already bought
  6. There will be one exception to rule 2…….a dress for my birthday outing!

……..and I plan on it being this dress…….

…..or this dress…..

……from Style Me Celeb which I discovered on From Gem With Love‘s blog (a must read if you don’t already have it on your blog list). There are quite a few dresses on the site that I would happily adopt but I shall be limiting myself to only one. I’m thinking the brown dress as my new shoes will go with it very well but then I do love the red one…..ahhhhh decisions decisions!

I’m going to go crawl back into my bed although I am feeling a little better than I was, I hope you have an exciting week ahead of you?

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