I wrote a post last year dedicated to my fabulous Papa on Fathers Day and I wanted to do something similar today for my wonderful Mum on Mothers Day. I’m a very lucky girl and I have the most brilliant parents.

As the title says “I Heart My Mum”, my Mum is awesome. You may or may not know but Mum actually doesn’t live in the UK at the moment so I won’t get to see her today. Mum is off on one of her adventures and is currently living in the Middle East, Riyadh to be exact (that’s in Saudi Arabia). My parents have always had a little bit of the wanderlust in their bones and we moved around a fair bit whilst my brother and I were growing up. I think all of our moves were determined by job opportunities that arose for either Mum or Papa and we’ve lived all over the South of England in our formative years, for which I am very grateful!

A lot of people that I went to my final school with moved away to college, got their degree and then moved back to the safe little town they grew up in. They got a job, settled down and got married and started having babies. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with this I just know it isn’t the kind of life I would have ever been happy with. I think my upbringing gave me to confidence and drive to try lots of new things to see how they worked out for me; if they didn’t work I could/can chalk it up to experience and move on and when I find something that does work I incorporate it into my life. Throughout all of my experiments along the way Mum has always been there for me……sometimes as the voice of reason, sometimes as the voice of experience and sometimes as the reassuring voice letting me know that she’d be there for me when, inevitably, whatever I was up to blew up in my face!

“Sian sticking gold butterflies to your arm isn’t the greatest fashion statement I’ve ever seen you make but go right ahead Darling…..”

Mum is an inspiration to me: she’s a fearless, independent woman who has built a fabulous life for herself and her family. Some of her many adventures include starting a successful business with the love of her life in a London public house…..

……..the joys of parenthood when myself and my Little Bother showed up…..

……..getting back into nursing, starting as a district nurse and working her way up to be Chief Executive Officer of Nursing (I may have made that title up but you get what I mean……she’s at the top of her field and rightly so!), she volunteered during the last Iraqi war based in Basra and was known as “Brigadier” W. (I’m not kidding my Mum was a Brigadier!), I can’t remember how many letters Mum has after her name but I know at least some of them denote her Masters degree and, as I’ve mentioned, her current adventure off in Saudi Arabi…….and that’s just mentioning a few things!

Mum you are totally awesome and I love you very very much xxxxx

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