Philipp Plein……ever heard of him? Me either!

Whilst I was in Monaco I stumbled (nearly literally I’d been walking around all day and my feet were killing me…….stupid flats) across Philipp Plein’s shop…….well I saw some seriously beautiful shoes in the window and just had to go in to investigate further!

They were things of beauty so naturally I asked to try them on! Weirdly the shop itself had no storage area so a lovely little man went running off to get the required sizes whilst I continued to browse. A few minutes later he came scooting back carry this rather gorgeous box….

……which is itself a thing of beauty!

The picture inside worried me slightly…….

…….but then the tissue paper was peeled back revealing these gorgeous things……SWOON!

My best friend Tatty has christened these my Wicked Queen Shoes as she thinks Charlize Theron’s character in Snow White and the Huntsman would definitely wear them.

I love all the details and the crystals make them very shiny (the magpie in me approves!) …..

……..even the underside has some sparkly details. I had no idea how much they were (if you have to ask you clearly can’t afford it seems to be the motto in Monaco!) but I’d won at the casino the evening before so I snapped them up.

I’ve worn them twice so far and received so many compliments and best of all they are comfortable!!!!

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