What a week!! I’ve had no sleep what-so-ever due to builders arriving super early to fix our bathroom floors…….which is a good thing I guess but why oh why did they have to start with the power tools so early? The trouble is they haven’t even finished yet so there will be more visits next week…..eeep!

In better news I have spent this afternoon devising researching a fool proof way of hanging some of my pictures in a group without any of them looking wonky! Papa and I had long discussions about the best way to achieve this and in the end agreed that I should probably hire someone to come and do this for me (Papa lives too far away to come and help me himself….boo). However this would mean I would have to wait until payday (two weeks away!) so I had a little dig on the interwebs and came up with this fantastic video. 

I gathered up all the things I needed and got started…….

……..I used parcel paper to cut out my templates and as I’d run out of tape I decided to use sticky postage labels……

………I put a quick description on each of the templates and then started sticking them up on the wall. I already knew the layout I wanted (I’d been playing around with this group for a while now) so it was just a case of getting the spacing right…..

……now for the fun part! I was convinced I owned a hammer but it turns out I don’t (or it grew legs and ran away to a household that does more DIY where it would feel more loved……I’m guessing) so I decided to use the fat end of one of my screwdrivers (I make a lot of flatpack furniture so my screwdrivers clearly feels more loved and less inclined to run away……but maybe less so after being used as a hammer!). I measured where the hooks should go on the back of the pictures and then marked them on my templates……..good job I was taught to measure twice and cut once because, as you can see, I got the mark in the wrong place on my first attempt! Thankfully I have very soft walls (though they are surprisingly soundproof) so the picture hooks went in very easily…..

…..I hung all the pictures up over the templates to check they were in the right place and when I was happy I ripped off all the paper and viola! An aesthetically pleasing configuration of pictures…..

………I need to tweak the position of the brown framed picture a little but that’s just a case of lengthening the picture wire which is easy enough and I may change the colour of the backing in the square blue frame but all in all I’m very happy and rather pleased with myself!

I now have three other walls to hang pictures on but this technique although lengthy will definitely make it easy, I just have to work on the groupings now. This little lot was easy as it was all based around my Playboy life and cards from friends, some of the other things I have to hang are less easy to group together but I have a rough idea of what I want to do……so watch this space!

Tomorrow my fabulous friend P is coming over to help me hang the new mirrored doors I bought for my Ikea Pax wardrobes which I’m very excited about. This might sound sad but it’s not…..honest. Once the doors are up I’ll be able to put my Amazing Stickers decals on them, I have an idea for the inside of the doors too and I’ll be able to start taking some outfit pictures again (albeit sad iPhone in the mirror type outfit pictures…..) so yup…..excited!

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