Last nights tapas was oh so good, I love being able to legitimately choose a few things from the menu without looking like a piglet. I also suffer from what Mini Ginge calls it food envy……if someone else’s dinner looks nicer than mine I want it! Tapas is meant to be shared so there is less chance of me getting stabbed by my dining partners fork as I reach for a portion of yumminess over on their side of the table…….mmmmmm chorizo!

So with all the beautification of my room thats been going on I thought I’d show you the last DIY project I’ve created. I’ve been thinking about making a french message board for ages but it’s never really been high up on my list of priorities, I’ve always wanted those fabulous new shoes more! My recent shopping ban and subsequent nesting urge however have given me that kick up the backside to get creating (which is no bad thing!). I ordered myself some supplies and dug out some things I’ve had lying around for years and here is what happened…..

…..I found the frame on eBay and fell in love. All of the tutorials I found online had the memo boards with no frame which I liked but when I saw this frame I couldn’t resist. I took out the backing board and used it as a template to cut out the padding and fabric. Ironing the fabric is a must……

…….then I just folded the material over the board and padding and started stapling! It’s not the neatest on the back but once it’s hung you won’t see that part…..

……I then cut strips of ribbon and spaced them out over the board. I stapled them down one by one in first one direction and then the other. Most of the tutorials recommend weaving the ribbon but I totally forgot…..ooops!

Once all my ribbons were stapled down I put the board back into the frame and this is how it looked……

……now for the fun part: sewing and decorating!

…….first I sewed each cross point of the ribbons to give a padded effect…..

……and then I got to play with my new hot glue gun to stick on the tiny little cabochons I found. Most of the tutorials suggested buttons but I quite liked these little gems which look like push pins (I think so anyway)……

……so now I just have to wait for the fabulous P to come and help me attach this to my wall. I have it’s space all picked out already which I’ll show you once it’s up.

In other news my Mum is coming home from Saudi for a few weeks this Friday and I can’t wait to see her. I was working the hideous Graveyard shift last week which completely zonked me out (it is not normal to wake up at 4am in the morning!) thankfully it was only for one week and I have one more normal week left at work before I am officially on holiday! Unfortunately my Australia/Fiji trip fell through (totally gutted about this) but I am being whisked away somewhere exotic so I can’t be too miserable. As yet I have no idea where that exotic place will be which in itself is exciting, I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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  • I am LOVING all your home DIY/crafting projects!

    We have our final, proper, really, definitely, too-late-to-back-out date- we move on thursday. Hence my dissapearance from the world lately (I'm terrified and have been hiding mostly behind books and the laptop. Though not that that's any different from usual)

    Have you stuck the crystals on yet or are you saving that for me?? 😉

  • Thank you Hun.

    Ahhhhhhh! How exciting! Just think of all the decorating you'll be able to do once you've moved in ;). I still have six doors that need the insides covering…….and blinging up a bit 😉 whenever you're free! xx