So July was definitely room beautification month! All five posts last month were either decorating or DIY’s now, this is no bad thing but I did start this blog to help me get out of my style rut. It seems that if I’m not photographing my outfits for the blog I slip back into my safe “uniform” of jeans and a tee which is comfy but very boring. Five days of the week I am working which means wearing my rather fabulous actual uniform so a lot of the time I spend my day lounging about in my PJ’s before throwing on something comfy/easy just for the journey to work (I’m wearing my PJ’s at I type!). Tres lazy! Not only do I need to make more of an effort with my wardrobe I need to make more of an effort to actual do things during my day.

I started of the year being very good and exercising regularly but that kind of fell by the wayside after I came back from Dubai which is just daft considering how much money I spend monthly on gym memberships and classes! With this in mind I will be starting up with my Power Plate classes again tomorrow and I have also started the Diet Chef plan today. You may remember back in March I started the Jenny Craig diet which I ended up having mixed feelings about; on the one hand I did loose weight (not quite what I was hoping to but close) and I liked some of the food and on the other hand the customer service was appalling as was some of the food. I was going to give it another try but after some research on the trusty interwebs I discovered Diet Chef……..

I really liked their approach, no scheduled counselling sessions but help available if you want/need it, the range of different dishes available (lots of chocolate yumminess which will be great for my sweet tooth!) and you can decide daily what you want to eat, you don’t have to stick to a prearranged food plan. I’ve had my first breakfast and lunch and I actually can’t wait for the macaroni and cheese I’ve picked out for dinner tonight… nom nom! They give you suggestions for healthy ways to enjoy dining out and recipes for healthy alternatives to make yourself if you decided you’d like a night off from your diet.

I am aware that I’m not overweight and I’m not dieting because I believe I am, I just am a lot bigger than I used to be and I want to be able to get back into all my clothes…….thats another reason I’ve been living in tees and jeans nothing else fits! So wish me luck please?

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