Hey Peeps

It’s all change over here at Kittenish Behaviour! I am no longer a Playboy Bunny, I’m moving house and I am now officially a business owner! Oh yes! (that was a lot of exclamation marks wasn’t it?)

I decided to hang up my ears and tuck away my bunny tail for various reasons but I have to say that the last nineteen months have been amazing; ups, downs, twists and turns aplenty but I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world. I’ve learnt a skill, I’ve met an amazing bunch of people who will be lifelong friends, I’ve been able to go on a few crazy adventures and I also met The Fella. All in all Playboy Club London it’s been interesting…..thank you!

So what now I hear you cry (I have excellent hearing don’t you know….) well as I mentioned I’m moving house into what will officially be “Kitten Towers” home to my empire of creative goodness and birthplace of Kittenish Behaviour.com! I will be sharing more details about all this in the not too distant future but for now……..watch this space!

In other news I decide on a different Halloween costume this year; I’ve been a pirate in various forms for the last three years so I thought a change was in order. I didn’t really want to buy a super expensive costume so I trawled YouTube and discovered Emma Pickles who is very talented and gave me the Werewolf idea. I decided to go down the sexy Werewolf road so out came the make up…….

……I think I did an alright job even if I do say so myself! For the outfit I chopped up an old tee, black shorts, brown yeti boots, painted my nails all kinds of crazy colours and back combed the life out of my hair……

…..not overly scary although Big Bird (aka future sister-in-law) said I looked like a Kardashian which she finds scarier than werewolf’s! What did you dress up as or did you spend the evening tucked up on the sofa with popcorn and scary movies?

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