I’m a very lucky girl. I had a wonderfully chilled Christmas with Little Bother and Big Bird, we watched tv, ate roastie beast (lamb…..my favourite), rolled a Panda on WOW (geeky online game we all play) and had kitty snuggles from Harry Cat…..

…….I was given the gift of the Amazing Cat Attracting Blanket and it’s amazing powers started working immediately! Harry is NOT a lap cat, he is a “next to lap cat” though, as soon as my gift was unwrapped he took one look and hopped up to join me. I really miss having pets (although I do currently live with mice but they don’t purr so I don’t count them as proper pets…….) so it was lovely to spend time with three furry purries.

When I got home from Nuneaton The Fella showed up with this fabulous bag……

……I’ve always wanted something from Tiffany’s, The Fella outdid himself though I got two boxes…….

…..one contained this amazing bangle…..

…..I’ve always wanted a tennis bracelet but this bangle is so much better as the diamonds always stay right side up! The second box contained this beautiful necklace….
…..so spoilt! 
For New Years Eve The Fella, The Dutchie and I decided to head out for dinner before joining The Dutchies fiancé at Movida (he’s the bar manager so was working last night). We went to the Winter Garden restaurant at the Landmark Hotel which was gorgeous. They had a five course set menu for the evening which looked great, we arrived at 9.30 (isn) and settled in for a yummy but quick dinner…..by 11.15 we’d only had three of the five courses and all of them were tiny “blink and you miss it” food…..
……incredibly tasty but no way near enough! We ended up having to leave before our main (sea bass *le sigh*) arrived, the staff were great though and didn’t even charge us for the bits we did get to eat. After legging it from the hotel we jumped in a black cab and managed to get three quarters of the way to the club before we hit traffic, we decided to get out and run wobble on heels to the club. We made it with twenty minutes to spare which was just enough time to get a bottle of champers open so we could properly toast the shiny New Year!

I really am such a lucky girl, I have an amazing Fella who is kind, supportive and incredibly generous (more about that later), wonderful family who look after me and encourage me in all of my mad cap schemes and fabulous friends who I can count on to be there for the highs and the lows. 2012 was an interesting year and I wouldn’t change anything about it, 2013 is shaping up to be even more challenging and exciting and I can’t wait!

Happy New Year you lovely peeps

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