Hey Peeps!

So not only am I in the process of setting up my own business, creating my own designs and generally running around like the proverbial headless chicken I’ve also decided to take up the FABruary Style Challenge issued be Inside out Style which means blogging everyday in February! I have been a very lazy blogger for a while now and that’s been down to various things going on in my life however this next month is going to be one of the most exciting months ever for me so I wanted to document it and what better way to do that than with a challenge! 

So without further ado I offer up todays challenge Arm Candy….
……this wonderful assortment comes from all over the place. I of course have my Christmas pressie from The Fella on, the gorgeous Tiffany’s diamond bangle along with my Knotting Elle bracelet, a hematite bracelet from Next many many years ago and lots of shinys from Accessorize. I threw this little lot on with my faithful skinny jeans and a grey tee. This is way more jewellery than I usually wear (well it’s more than I would usually wear in one spot anyway) but I really like how it brightened up my outfit. I have a jewellery box overflowing with sparkles so I really ought to dig them out and layer them up like this more often! 
I’m not taking whole outfit posts at the moment because I’ve just had semi permanent make-up done at Tracie Giles, who I highly recommend. I’ve nearly healed from my second trip (you go back for top ups after the first treatment to perfect whats been done) so I will be busting out my shiny new Samsung NX20 (fancy new camera) tomorrow and attempting some outfit shots! Wish me luck?
Today has been spent sorting out Trademarks (not fun but thankfully I have an expert helping me), reorganising the website and ordering many many many yards of fabric. I’ve set myself a launch date of the 1st of March so I need to get cracking……eeeeep! 
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