Hey Peeps!

So I failed a bit yesterday with no post but I was soooo busy! I did take a picture of my outfit which had to be “Denim With Style”…….

 Top:ASOS, Necklace:Handmade by my Niece, Belt: Warehouse, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Pretty Polly

……I wore this little lot to one of my favourite places ever, The Harwood Arms! One of my lovely Bunny friends birthday falls on New Years Eve and as we couldn’t see her on the day we organised a little night out to celebrate in style when we were all free. As always the food was amazing and the service was brilliant, I’d highly recommend it if you are ever in Fulham Broadway.

Todays challenge is “Wear A Dress” this I can do! I love dresses and have an entire wardrobe with nothing but dresses in it. I decided on this stripey lovely from ASOS…..

Dress: ASOS, Tights: Pretty Polly

…….I teamed it with my favourite tights from Pretty Polly, they have inbuilt socks which are fab. I’ve had my hair redone this vibrant red colour which I’ve fallen in love with, the only trouble is red is a notoriously difficult colour to keep this bright so I’m having my hair dyed once a month at the moment. It’s really not that much of a hardship though as my hairdresser also happens to be my fabulous friend Amber.

Coincidently Amber Wood London is currently running a competition at the moment in time for Valentines day, all you have to do is nominate one of your gorgeous friends for a make over. Just post a photo on the AWL Facebook page along with and explanation on why your friend should win and then cross your fingers. Winner will be announced on the 8th February, good luck!

These are the first picture I’ve taken with my new Samsung NX20 and blimey does that thing have a lot of buttons! One of my favourite features is this little app you can download which turns your phone into a remote, that’s why I’m clutching my iPhone in both pictures. I love the app as one of my pet hates was having to take timed shots anytime I wanted to do an outfit post. For a first attempt I’m quite happy with these pictures, I definitely need to read the manual though!

My day so far has largely consisted of answering emails and proofing various different items for the boutique. I’m really enjoying everything about this new venture and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! So exciting!

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