Hey Peeps!

So I was a very poorly girl yesterday (something I ate I think) so I mostly spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself and answering emails. I guess that is one of the perks of being your own boss; if you’re having an off day you can go to work in your PJ’s! Knowing me this could become the norm rather than the exception though…..so with this in mind I’m trying to come up with a daily schedule to make sure I get everything work related done and to try and keep the work/life balance in order too.

Yesterdays FABruary challenge was “Belt It” which is one that I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with……I have many many belts……many. However the idea of anything being strapped around my waist yesterday made me feel even more icky so I’ve combined “Belt It’ with todays “Jacket Up”….

Dress: ASOS, Jacket: H&M, Belt: Accessorize, Tights: Dorothy Perkins

…….the dress is a navy blue version of the stripey dress I was wearing the other day and the jacket is dark brown, honest! I’m still getting used to this new camera and I ran out of daylight hours hence the colours in these photos. I love that my iPhone is my remote/viewfinder but I do get a bit distracted! I’m also experimenting with locations around the new apartment so you’re kind of getting a mini apartment tour too…..this is my dressing room/office.
The reason I ran out of daylight hours today was due to another visit to the Royal Albert Hall to see Kooza again! A friend of mine had some free tickets and the show was so amazing that I wanted to see it again. We were sat up in the circle this time and it was really interesting seeing the show from a different view, I do prefer the ring side seats though. 
In other exciting news my fabric samples arrived today and they are gorgeous! I’m so happy. My pattern cutter is bringing the calico sample dresses over on Friday for final alterations and then the finished product will be made up in the gorgeous fabric samples that arrived today, eeeeep! 
I hope you are all having a fabulous week?
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