Hey Peeps!

So I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself these past few days because my make-up allergy has decided to rear it’s ugly head and my eye is all sore and swollen…..ouch! This is why the Red Lips challenge didn’t really happen yesterday. I love red lipstick but I always worry about wearing it because it’s very hard to maintain during the day and my hair always gets stuck in it! Saying that I did treat myself to this gorgeous Tom Ford for my birthday last year and I’ve been wearing it quite a lot…..

….it’s definitely my favourite red so far.

I had the Lanzarote Ladies over for dinner and cards last night which was fab, they brought me some gorgeous flowers….

…and we had a lovely game of Crazy 8’s which I won! Archie B joined us too….

…..but I don’t think he was too impressed with the card playing.

Today’s challenge is “Statement Ring” and I knew this one would be easy because I recently treated myself to this lovely….

……my bestie Tatty is convinced this is a dragon egg and will eventually hatch! I’m quite excited by this prospect as I’ve always wanted my very own Toothless but I want to keep the ring too. I actually have quite a few rings I could have worn today but my YSL Arty has been attached to my finger since I got it home.

This afternoon has been spent finalising the samples with my amazing pattern cutter. It was so exciting seeing my designs made flesh so to speak, even just in calico. The final samples will be finished next week ready to be photographed for the website which is also starting to really come together and look fab! I know I keep saying this but it’s so exciting!

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