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I had a fabulous idea for todays outfit post “Layer Up” but I went and had my semi permanent make up (eyebrows, eyeliner and beauty spot) touched up at the Tracie Giles clinic yesterday and I’m rather swollen. Ouch. So instead of the outfit I thought I would share a little story with you about my Papa. Aaaaah!

Now I’m sure you all remember just how much I love my Papa (and of course my Mum too) and this little story illustrates just one of the many reasons why. When I moved into my new pad, Kitten Towers, Papa came round and after his initial reaction of “it’s amazing Darling” his next statement was:

“You need a bathmat and a carbon monoxide detector, a proper one, with batteries”
yes Papa. I promptly went out and bought the required bathmat….

…..for the amazing sunken bath (this bath is AH-mazing) and then whilst I was with Papa I also bought the battery operated killer gas detector…..

So skip forward a couple of days and I was blissfully asleep in my very quiet apartment when suddenly this wailing starts and I leap out of bed screaming “Oh my God I’m dying” because clearly the killer gas alarm has gone off! I get to the wall which I have attached said alarm to and stare at it in bemusement  because it’s not making any noise. I press the test button and it compliantly makes the awful high pitched screech that would indicate that I was indeed being poisoned by killer gas. Hmmmmm. I am a bit dazed and confused by this point. Now I may not have told you this before but I go to sleep listening to audio books, it helps me turn my brain off, so I was still attached to my iPhone and checking it I notice that its 6.30am……6.30AM! Urgh! The wailing that has woken me up is still going on during all this and it begins to dawn on me that instead of the killer gas alarm it’s a car alarm outside my front window….DOH! Maybe I shouldn’t be listening to audio books to turn my brain off, it seems to take too long to turn it back on again. I crawled back into bed and when I told Papa about these happenings, at a reasonable time of day, he had a good chuckle at/with me and then underlined the importance of the killer gas alarm……again.

So I am now 100% safely ensconced into Kitten Towers…….well if you ignore the lack of handrails by the stairs and in the bath hey Papa?

Hopefully an outfit post tomorrow, the challenge is “Lace” and I know exactly what I want to wear.

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