Hey Peeps!

So my decision to blog everyday this month was a little on the rash side given that I knew I was going to be mad busy setting up the business and also that I would be spending the last couple of weeks healing after having semi permanent make up done. Yeah I didn’t really think that one through did I! Well today my eyes were finally healed enough for the wonderful Jo to put my eyelash extensions back on so I feel like myself again! This means I feel perfectly (well kinda) comfortable getting in front of the camera again so here is todays challenge….

…..Scarf Fun! I own a lot of scarves, I see all these fabulous women wearing them and think “I can do that!” so I buy a scarf, put it in my wardrobe and then generally forget about it……unless it’s winter then I always throw on a scarf but I’m usually looking for warmth on those occasions so I tend to wind it around my neck, tuck it in and run. However most of the scarves I own are little wisps of silk or chiffon so when I do remember them I tend to wear them in my hair like this. Must remember them more often, I like this look!

Today my wonderful pattern cutter came over with the finalised bodices of all my dresses, they look so fab I can not wait for them to be made up in my fabric choices. The look book photo shoot is all coming together nicely too, it’s definitely going to be down to the wire with getting everything on the website ready for the launch on the 1st March but I can do eeet!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend? I’m just about to head out for a glass of wine with The Fella!

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