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I have the Small Girl Type Creature staying with me for a few days which is lovely. We have planned loads of things for the few days she is here. Yesterday afternoon was spent organising and inventorying before we headed out for dinner and cocktails with the lovely LouLou and her fab boyf. I ordered an Elizabeth Taylor which is champagne and violet liqueur…..

….it tastes amazing! If you find a bar that stocks violet liqueur I highly recommend you try one.

Today we had many many MANY errands to run but we interspersed them with a lovely lunch at Browns with Small Girl Type Creature’s brother and then a rather fun trip to Tiffany’s to spend the last of my Christmas pressie from The Fella! My make bag was looking a little worse for wear….

…….so I thought I’d treat myself to a shiny new one and with my remaining vouchers Tiffany’s was obviously (!) the logical place to go…..

…….I love this colour so much. Whilst I was emptying out my old make up bag I decided to do a bit of a clean out of my bag in general and pretty much everything I have in there is Tiffany blue at the moment….so pretty. Anyways onto the make up bag…..

……it’s lovely soft leather and a very good size. I was reading the care card and I did have to laugh because it says and I quote “Avoid contact with ink, oily substances, cosmetics(!!!) and solvents” it’s a make up bag for crying out loud Tiffany’s, of course it ‘s going to have cosmetics in it!!! I have completely ignored the care card and stuffed everything in.

Todays FABruary challenge was style a skirt and in all the running around excitement I completely forgot! No photos at all, oooops. I’m still trying to get to grips with my new camera and find a place in the apartment I like as a background….hmmmmm must try harder!

Tonight Small Girl Type Creature and I are having an old school slumber party care of MoneySupermarket.com I’ll share all the photos of that tomorrow as we’ve only just started but so far there is Charmed on the tele box and crazy PJ’s being worn. I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday? I also hope you peeps enjoyed my very first YouTube video? If you’ve not seen it yet feel free to have a look!

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