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How have you all been? I’ve been doing my best chipmunk impression, it’s really good! Last Thursday I was actually in so much pain that I bowed to the inevitable and went to an emergency dentist to see what was wrong. If you’ve watched my 50 Random Facts About Me video you’ll know that I hate the dentist with a passion so you can imagine how much pain I was in that I voluntarily went to see the man with the torture devices!

I found a 24 hour dentist online through the NHS website and booked an appointment. I turned up and immediately got a bad feeling but I looked like a hamster that has only stuffed one side of it’s face with food so I filled in the form and waited. Besides the receptionist there was one other guy in the waiting room reading a paper, my appointment time had been and gone so I thought the dentist must be busy until my fellow waitee sighed put his paper down and asked me if I wanted to come through? He was the dentist!!!!!

The very first thing I said was that I was very nervous and hadn’t been to see a torture man dentist for about ten years! I was asked to lie back on the chair and my palms immediately started sweating. The torture man dentist then started tapping my teeth vigorously with the end of one of his metal implements…..have you seen that video with the guy and the cat and the guy throws the cat at the ceiling and the cat sticks?? Yeah?? That was me! Oh Mmmmmm Geeeeeee! Whhhhhhy? He told me it was to ascertain which tooth was hurting the most….errrr after that they are both the same! Whhhhhhy?

I had a couple of X-Rays taken (he nearly took out a tooth with the bite down thingy he jammed in my mouth!) and I was then told I’d managed to crack my top right wisdom tooth in half and the bottom one needed to come out too, oh and while he was in there how about a deep nerve treatment on my back molar? Eeeeer no thanks very much luv! I grabbed my antibiotics and The Fella paid the £110 bill for the lovely torture I had just endured, nice! As I was running out of the door the torture man dentist shouted after me that modern dentistry had changed……..shame he hasn’t kept up with those changes hey!

I’ve booked an appointment for next week at my old dentist who was  actually lovely and very good with nervous me, once I’ve found out what I need doing my lovely Mum is going to get me booked in with her dentist in Saudi Arabia! It’s considerably less expensive over there and it’ll be hot so I can lie by Mum and Papa’s private pool in the sun while I recover. I can also do some fabric shopping whilst I’m out there! Win win in my opinion.

The antibiotics did there job and I was de-hamstered in time for the Kittenish Behaviour photo shoot on Tuesday! Here is a little sneak peek….

……the boutique opens tomorrow and I’m so excited for you all to see! Be sure to head back here tomorrow as I’ll be announcing a fabulous competition to celebrate the launch!

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