Hey Peeps!

My name is Sian and I’m a shopaholic! 

This actually isn’t going to come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me even a little bit, what will come as surprise is what I’m going to say next…….I’m quitting shopping for one whole year. Yup that’s right one whole YEAR! I own a silly amount of clothes, shoes and accessories and I wear only a tiny amount of them which is ridiculous. When I say a silly amount I really do mean a silly amount…..here goes:

Shoes: 111
Dresses: 105
Jumpers: 40
Cardigans: 32
Tops & Shirts: 64
Tees: 75
Jeans: 11
Trousers: 11
Shorts: 5
Skirts: 39
Playsuits & Jumpsuits: 4
Coats: 16
Jackets: 8
Scarves: 45
Gloves: 14
Bags: 12
Hats: 16
Headbands: 7
Belts: 54
Necklaces: 58
Earrings: 71
Bracelets: 46
Rings: 15

……… thats a whopping 859items! See I told you, a LOT. I used to impulse buy all the time when I was younger which meant I ended up with loads of stuff that I liked the look of but it didn’t really fit/suit me and so it would languish in the wardrobe never see the light of day. I’ve refined my style over the years so now I’m a lot better at buying stuff that I really like and most of it fits/suits me (there is always the odd impulse buy). Combine this with wardrobe edits over the years and I now love everything I own……I just don’t wear most of it! I’m like a magpie crossed with a hoarder and let me tell you that it’s not a good combination…..it is a very sparkly combination however! So why a shopping ban I hear you cry! In a nutshell I want to save some money, give myself a challenge and have a bit of a clear out. 

The Rules:
 Rule 1. No shopping for clothes, shoes, jewellery or accessories from the 10th March 2013 until the 9th March 2014 (gosh that looks scary!)
Rule 2. If I don’t wear it between those dates I have to sell, donate or ditch it (There are a few sentimental exceptions to this rule)
Rule 3. I will continue to window shop and all the money that I would have spent on stuff over the year goes into a savings account (that way I will still be getting my shopping fix sort of but not by buying lots of make up etc)

There will be a few exceptions to the no shopping rule; black flat boots, black high heeled court shoes, black ballet pumps and high waisted blue jeans/jeggings. These are items that I’ve previously owned and literally worn to death so I want to replace them as I know I’ll wear them but they will be the only things I can buy and only once in the next year. 

You don’t need to worry about me going cold turkey on the new clothing front though! As I’m sure you are aware I’ve just started up my very own boutique www.kittenishbehaviour.com and this means I’m in a position to create all those dream items I’ve always wanted so thats what I’ll be doing. All in all I’m thinking this is a win win situation new clothes and an ever growing savings account……please remind me of this when I’m lusting after a new pair of shoes! Wish me luck?

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  • brave lady! BUT you will feel so amazing when you complete your challenge. I thought I had a load of clothes but you trump me big style! I took a load of photos last weekend for a major ebay selling session, I just cant be bothered to type out all the listings though!
    Are you sure allowing yourself to window shop won't be too tempting?!

  • I hate listing stuff on eBay too! Maybe we should invent the eBay party and get loads of people over to help whilst eating cake and drinking champers (or fizzy apple juice for you at the moment) hmmmmm there probably wouldn't be much listing achieved at that shindig come to think of it!
    Window shopping is going to be very tempting but also good for inspiration and good for the savings too as if I wasn't theoretically spending (and then sticking the money in the savings account) it I would actually spend it knowing me! xx