Hey Peeps!

First of I’d like to wish my Mum a very happy Mothers Day, she’s all the way over in Saudi Arabia so I didn’t get to see her today (sob) but I will be jetting off over there very soon so I shall give her a belated hug when I do see her. Love you Mum xx

Right! How have you all been? I’ve had a rather interesting week indeed. Lot’s of work, lot’s of lovely visits from friends and a free facial!

The fabulous people at the Creme De Le Mer counter in John Lewis called me last week and asked if I fancied coming in for a free (FREE) 45 minute facial sometime? Errrrr yes please. I booked in for Thursday afternoon and it was amazing….

……the lovely therapist first asked me if I had any concerns with my skin and what my current routine was, she then gave me this funky headband which had inbuilt speakers and a choice of sounds! I picked waves and with the lighting and my eyes closed it was almost like being at the beach, almost. I got to sit back and relax whilst I was cleansed, scrubbed, toned, serumed, infused, massaged and moisturised. At one point the face cream was layered on very thickly, then massaged in and then wiped off! To me that is almost sacrilege but it felt amazing. Once she was finished she went over everything she had used and done which was very good to know (I put my serum on at the wrong stage apparently!) and gave me a whole load of samples! Creme De La Mer is very very expensive but I’ve found that I need so little of it everyday that I only have to buy it twice a year, if you divide that by twelve months it works out at £32 per month which I don’t think is too bad and totally worth it. I aslo found out that they offer a £100 hour long facial which sounds amazing and you get the £100 off any products you buy, I’ll definitely be doing that next time I need to buy a new pot of face cream!

Enough gushing about face cream and onto more important things like food! If you follow me on Instagram then you’l know that I’ve been treating myself a lot this week…..

……..satay beef stir fry, green snack attack, Nando’s winner winner chicken dinner, little and large Costa’s, Mint Matchmakers and a whole lotta berries homemade smoothie. A very tasty week indeed.

The Fella and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful last night which I thought was beautiful but the story was a little meh, I was still over the moon however and that was due to the minty chocolately goodness of Matchmakers, om nom nom.

I hope you all had a fabulous week? Enjoy your Sunday evenings Peeps.

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