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So as I’m sure you know by now I’ve decided to ban myself from shopping for one whole year in an effort to inspire me to design and make things for myself, to try and save some money, actually use more of the things I already own and generally prove to myself I can do it! Week one has been a success, I have bought nothing new at all even with all the window shopping I’ve been doing. Here is what I would have bought……

Monsoon Flossy Print Shirt £49
Dune Marthas Embellished Ballerina Pumps £75
Eclectic Eccentricity Athen Leaf Crown £18.50
Topshop Embroidered Collar Tee £38
Warehouse at ASOS Pansy Print Scarf £22
Crown & Glory Whole Lotta Rosie Headband in Mint £20
I Love Shoes at Sarenza Phoedeal Wedge £47
ASOS Skater Striped Dress £40

Grand Total : £309.50
WOW! That’s actually an awful lot of money and this wouldn’t have been a typical week for me. It seems that banning myself from shopping has coincided with the shops releasing every item of clothing I’ve ever dreamt of owning…….hmpf! This week instead of putting this money into my savings account I’m going to donate it to Comic Relief, it’s always been my favourite charity organisation and it’s an amazing cause.
The good news is my new Bernina sewing machine is ever so clever and will do amazing embroidery so the Topshop tee is a possibility and the Dune shoes are very similar to a pair I’ve previously made…..
…….so I can attempt to make them too. I already own some minty green heels (not wedges but hey ho). The dress is a similar shape to my Barbarella dress so a stripey version is doable with minor tweaking of the pattern. The two head pieces are utterly gorgeous and I totally would have bought them ….. whether I would have worn them is a different matter though so I shall lust after them from afar. The print scarf is something that it is completely possible for me to make so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for pansy print fabric and finally I think it’s the print of the Monsoon shirt I like the most, I’m in the process of finalising my shirt pattern for the boutique so again totally possible to make something similar! 
One week down, fifty one left to go……le sigh! 
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