Hey Peeps

Happy St Patricks day! I’m off to celebrate a friends 40th birthday this evening which I am very much looking forward to. Do you have any plans today?

I always like reading peoples weekly round ups and seeing what they’ve been up to, so here is my contribution….

Siri sang to me / Marilyn as Sugar Kane in my favourite film ever / Homemade Mac’n’Cheese
Shades of Grey outfit post / Mississippi Mud Pie cupcake / Sneaky peek at a new design
Turquoise kitty ring holder / Fondant Fancies / Barbarella outfit post

……it’s been a very good week indeed. Next week I have lots to look forward to including; fabric shopping with my wonderful pattern cutter, new Bernie Dexter dresses on the boutique, finalising designs and a trip to the dentist. Ok so that last one isn’t so exciting but the prospect of being pain free and able to eat what I want and how I want is very exciting so I’m trying to be positive about it……plus it’s only the hygienist this time……it’s the root canal after that……..gulp!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and a relaxed weekend?
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