Hey Peeps!

How is everyone? I’m not a very happy bunny at the moment after my trip to the dentist and that visit is going to be the least painful one of the lot! Do you remember the days when you used to get a sticker and a sugar free lollipop if you managed the visit without biting the dentist? Well I didn’t bite anyone at all and after this trip I only came home with these….

……I want my lollipop!!

As you are no doubt aware I have banned myself from shopping for one whole year…..with a few exceptions, one of these exceptions is a pair of black flat boots as the ones I own I have literally worn to death…..

……if it rains I get wet feet but I love them so much. I went back over some of my old blog photos and I wore these boots so many times. Only problem is that when I started blogging I wasn’t so great at photographing my outfits (not that I am now) so I only have a few full length outfit posts…..

……hmmmmm I’m quite liking the fringe but I definitely prefer the red hair…….but I digress my beloved boots have got to go. I thought I had found the perfect replacement pair on eBay (they were the black version of the ones I wore in this outfit post) but unfortunately they didn’t fit so it’s back to the drawing board. So if you happen across a pair of black slouchy suede boots please let me know?

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