Hey Peeps!

So I had a fabulous time with the lovely K last night. We first went to Windows for some nibbles and then headed to Whiskey Mist for a night of frivolity and dancing, much fun was had! I decided to throw my hair up, add some bright pink lipstick and actually venture out in my glasses (not a regular occurrence let me tell you) for a little Librarian Chic……

…..I love how the lippy clashes with my hair. I’ve seen rave reviews of the Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquers so I thought I’d give the hot pink shade a try and I loved it, it stayed put all night and didn’t dry my lips out at all. Double thumbs up from me.

So this week was a very quiet week for window shopping which is very in keeping with my usual spending habits given how much I “spent” last week. Without further ado here is what I would have bought…..

Own The Runway Alpine Chunky Cardigan £24.99
Pree Brulée Heloise Necklace £24.00
Topshop Genius Tee £20.00

Grand Total : £68.99
I love this chunky cardigan and with the weather being as horrid as it is I have a feeling chunky knitwear will be needed for a while longer (boo hiss!), the Pree Brulée necklace is gorgeous (all their jewellery is stunning) and it would be a great addition to my statement necklace collection and the Topshop tee is genius (do you see what I did there…..) just the right amount of nerdiness. I think the only thing from this list that I’d be able to recreate would be the tee so it’s going on my “To Do” list!
Last but not least for todays instalment I would like to announce the winner of the Kittenish Behaviour giveaway……drum roll please……
The lovely Rosa from Hello Scrapbook
…….I shall be making Rosa here very own Barbarella dress and I hope she loves it as much as I do! 
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