Hey Peeps!

So I pretty much gave you a rundown of my week yesterday but I thought I would share all the pictures I took this week…..

Deliverance burger and chips / Twirly Time / Kittenish Behaviour Agate Slice Necklaces
Tulips from Amber / Pink sparkles and M&M’s / Roastie Beast by candlelight
Mermaid hair / Rainbow over the Tate / Champagne truffles from Parcelgenie

……lots of food again! Om nom nom…..

My night out in Essex was highly amusing and actually quite fun. We started off in the bars of Leigh on Sea and then headed to Rayleigh to Bar Blanco where we ended up hanging out in the VIP section (roped off table) with some of the TOWIE cast! They are tiny! We finished our night with cheesy chips before heading home, all in all a rather entertaining evening.

I actually have very few firm plans for this coming week but there are some exciting possibilities including movie going, club attending, beast roasting (again…..yay!) and dressmaking, ‘citin!

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