Hey Peeps!

How are you all? I’m not a well bunny at all I have stupid Bronchitis which means lying in bed not moving an inch which is very very dull! Thank goodness for Netflix is all I can say. I hope you are all having a much better week than me?

So on a more cheerful note it’s my birthday next week (we will of course be shaking our funky thangs at the Loop Bar as is standard for my birthday) and I thought I would do my annual wish list because I’ve been told I’m difficult to buy for! So for any of my lovely friends and family that are feeling particularly generous cast your peepers over this little lot……

Gold Belt RMW £14 / Great British Tits Tee Topshop £20 / Nude Embellished Belt Miss Selfridge £28
Black Leather Skirt Miss Selfridge £65 / Irregular Choice Miaow Boots £105 

 I’ve been in love with this gold belt since the wonderful Rose put it up on her store, it’s out of stock at the moment but I had to share it. I fell in love with the “Tits” tee as soon as I saw it completely my sense of humour! It’s that gorgeous belt again……I thought I would add it to this list just in case anyone was feeling generous? The skirt: skater style, mini, leather! What is not to love? I could definitely make this myself though. Ahhhhhh I have been lusting over these Irregular Choice boots for years now they come in blue too which I am also very tempted by and if that wasn’t enough for you to be getting along with there is also this lovely lot I am adding for your consideration……..

Crown And Glory Mint Whole Lotta Rosie £ 20 / Peacock Sunglasses Accessorize £15
Cotton Top Miss Selfridge £35 / Prestat Rose and Violet Cremes £15 

Again, you’ve seen this Crown and Glory beauty a few times here on the blog what can I say I’m in love and ever hopeful! The sunglasses are actually a practical ask as I seem to have misplaced my two pairs and the sun has finally made an appearance. Shocking I know! I have this gorgeous top in white already and I love it……this is typical me buy something in every colourway available…..well…..why not? Last but not least the Prestat rose and violet cremes that are my absolute favourite.

Oh and if anyone is feeling really really generous I would love a pair of diamond stud earrings, one carat per ear please!

So there you go folks Sian Shopping 101 all sorted…….difficult to buy for? Moi? Never……..

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