Hey Peeps!

So for the last ten years I have had hair extensions, sometimes long, sometimes super long and sometimes “yes I can actually sit on my hair” long and I’ve loved them even with all the effort that looking after them took. Over the years not once did anyone come up to me and tell me that they loved my extensions, if I got a comment it was how lucky I was to have such long thick hair! To me that was the ultimate compliment and a testament to the skill of my wonderful hairdresser. Ten years is a long stretch though and I decided that it was time for a change so with that in mind I hot footed down to see the fabulous Amber Wood who has looked after my extensions and colour so wonderfully over the years for something a little different…….duh duh DUH….a HAIRCUT!

Now I am aware that this isn’t what anyone would actually call short but for me it really is! I feel naked….but in a good way. There is enough hair left to still put up if I feel like and it looks fab straight too (if I do say so myself!). All in all I’m happy and I don’t miss the long locks at all….honest!

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