Hey Peeps!

So it’s Day One of my life overhaul challenge and so far, so good.

Taking outfit photos was a little traumatic (for me). I’ve accidentally left my tripod down on the Island so I got creative with things readily to hand around my room and managed to snap some pictures. Then I looked at them and was less than pleased, not sure why really. Maybe it’s the lack of hair (still feel naked without my extensions) or it could be the hair colour? I decided I fancied a change (I have been a red head for over two years now) and I happened to have some purple hair dye just lying about….

……looking at it in those pics it actually does look rather like the colour on the box but that was under very bright lights, for the most part it just looks dark which I’m not loving. Think I’ll be back to bright red by the end of next week! Anyway I digress….outfit pics! Here you are… 
Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: Yumi
Tights: Primark
Flats: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Pressies from Loved Ones
….I like this dress (I should, I have it in four different colours) it’s comfy to wear and way more stylish than my PJ’s (yes even my first class PJ’s) for lounging about the house and I can happily report that sewing in it is a pleasure (nothing too tight or restrictive to ever be worn whilst sewing….trust me).

Also I’ve exercised and I’m still alive! I have a small confession to make…..I had actually started bouncing around my room again about a week ago when I dug out the Zumba DVD’s I bought back in January. I thought I would have a look through and see what it was all about. My theory was that I enjoy dancing and Zumba was a dance based workout so……yeah. It was great whilst I watched the Learn The Moves DVD, the instructors broke down the moves very well and I was following along just fine when they were going super slow. Then they upped the tempo and all was good, I was coping. Then they upped the tempo again……hmmmm if I concentrated really hard I was ok but in very real danger over falling over my own feet! Then they went at full speed and I ended up in a tangled heap on the floor, how does anyone move their feet that fast? Answers on a postcard please! This was never going to do so I decided to pull out my trusty Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD as that I knew I could do. It’s a little shocking how unfit I am at the moment but I’ve got to start somewhere. Here are my starting measurements;

Bust:    36″
Waist:  26″
Hips:   41″
Thigh: 23″

…..as ever the weight I’ve gained has gone on my thighs, hips and butt, for the first time ever though I’ve also put on weight around my waist! Eeeep this will not do at all, good job I’m exercising again really isn’t it? I think the hardest part of this is going to be not checking my measurements again until the end of the thirty days, I shall try not to peek!

Finally the creative aspect of the challenge! I’ve been reading lots of sewing blogs over the last few days (Dolly Clackett, Tilly and the Buttons and Gerties Blog for Better Sewing to name but a few) and I found this gorgeous and FREE Colette pattern for the Sorbetto Tank Top mentioned a few times over on Did You Make That so I thought I would give it a go with some fabric my Mum gave me the last time she was over in Blighty…

…fingers crossed I have something to show you tomorrow! Wish me luck?

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