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Waaaaaaa! I ache….all over….where did these muscles come from? I’m pretty sure they weren’t there last time I looked! Question……why can’t you get yourself to the point you want to fitness wise and then stay there without maintenance? Oh! Another question…..when do those endorphins everyone talks about kick in? So Day Two has not gotten off to a flying start….it’s nearly 1pm as I write this and I’m still in my PJ’s (Kittenish Behaviour Tee and first class bottoms in case you were interested), on the plus side I’m sitting on top of the made bed so that’s progress….right? Ahhhhhh it’s Sunday! You’re allowed to have a lie in on a Sunday.

Anyway, I digress. Yesterdays make was interesting and it’s almost finished! I only have to bind the neck and armholes and make a decision about hemming. The pattern itself is very simple and easy to follow I just picked the most annoying and slippery fabric to work with…..grrrr argh! Saying that my first attempt at french seams came out well and I didn’t use a pin once….go me!

Now if you follow me on Instagram you will know I have pretty much turned into a crazy cat lady since I brought Chiana home so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that my weekly round up is basically pictures of my kitten…

Boiling water for bath / Chiana finds new and exciting places to explore / woken up by purring monster
reorganising the shooooooes / curiosity / sushi for one
Mr McFly has a sense of humour / cold weather = blankets= contended kitty / Chiana being “helpful”

…with a few other things thrown in it seems. Yes our boiler decided to pack up this week so I spent an hour boiling water to try and get a warm bath; I failed, only a mildly less cold bath was acheived brrrrr. We finally got the boiler fixed a few days later and Chiana decided there was no place she would rather be than in the bathroom with me whilst I was having a blissfully warm bath…she only ended up with a wet tail and back paw thankfully. Fabulous new boy has been christened Mr McFly! Mr McFly went to the land of cuckoo clocks and chocolate to film some very expensive gems for Sotherbys (I asked him to bring me one home but the five security guards had other ideas…boo) and he lied on his entry card, naughty Mr McFly!

Right enough of this lying about nonsense I need to bounce around like a crazy thing, Jillian I’m coming! …….ok it’s now 2pm and I’m officially a hot sweaty mess….ew. I think Chiana has decided that I’m crazy……

purr…..purr…..mmmm this hard and unyielding surface is so much better to sleep on than my humans nice squishy lap….wait……WTF?!?…..why is my human bouncing around and swearing profusely? ……purr…..purr…..I think I’ll bestir myself to investigate these crazy antics……hmmmmm……she appears to be jumping in that particular spot…..must be a good spot…..I shall sit right there and see……NO human I want to be on that spot!….you were right….it is a good spot…….oh…..now your on all fours trying to lie flat on the floor but you appear unable to keep yourself on the floor once you’ve gotten down there……poor human…..I shall climb into your tee to help weight you down so you can just lie on the floor…..wait!……I didn’t think this through……I’m getting squished……I know I shall jump on your back….with claws extended (naturally…..you are a moving surface….I’m not stupid) and weight you down that way…..purr….purr…..hey whats with all the swearing?…..you kiss ME with that mouth!…….oh wait……you now appear to be trying to touch your toes….I assume it’s because you want reassurance that they are still there?……here let me bite them for you……see they are still there….now ADORE ME….you’ve ignored me for long enough……oooooo noise from upstairs……is that my other human up and awake……bye sweaty mess!…….I’m off to get head rubs…..purr….purr….

…..haha! I’ve just realised the ultimate bonus that will come from this working out nonsense; not that I’ll be able to fit in to all my clothes again, not that I will feel healthier and not need a breather whilst walking up ten stairs and certainly not that it’s good for me. NO! The ultimate bonus is that my lap will be come so toned and muscly that it will be a hard and unyielding surface that the cat will want to sit on, result!

So today I have decided to wear this little lot…..

 Cardigan: Topshop
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: Etsy
….for lounging around the house in, if I had ventured out today these are the boots/shoes (?) I would have worn. I’m never really sure about this colour on me but in general I love it. Do you have a love/hate relationship with colours? Any colour you absolutely love but it really just doesn’t do you any favours? I think next time I wear this jumper I’ll try it with navy instead of black….less bee like.

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