Hey Peeps!

Day Three = why??? Why did I decided this was a good idea? Ouch. Ok, I’m done. No more whining. Ouch. Right, really done now.

My wonderful Mama took up quilting a couple of years ago and last Christmas she offered to make me my very own quilt, amazing! Then came the hard choice of fabrics, blimey there is a world of gorgeousness out there and I had to narrow it down to just five…..how? I knew I wanted it to be blue based so I started my hunt on Etsy and finally managed to make a selection that both Mama and I were happy with.

Now as you may be aware my parental units live in Saudi Arabia (odd I know) so I don’t get to see them very often. In August they came back to the UK and Mama brought with her my finished quilt….

 …and two pillows! Isn’t it utterly beautiful? As you can see Chiana thoroughly approves….

….and so do I, thank you Mama you’re a star!

Tonight I’m off to see Mr McFly, we will be watching a film and eating ice cream. It is yet to be determined if we shall be doing this in a cinema or curled up on his sofa though. I have decided to wear this little lot….

Jumper : AX Paris
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Pied A Terre
Jacket: All Saints
Ring: YSL 

…..I think it will work whichever scenario ends up being the case (although I do plan to take my boots off if it’s the sofa we end up on!). This fab jumper is courtesy of AX Paris, I was the lucky winner of the lovely Paige Joanna’s giveaway, my first new thing in six months! I also decided to wear this leather jacket which has been rather forgotten since I got my amazing Harris lovely. Do you play favourites with your clothes to?

Chiana up until now has not been interested in my photography efforts but today she was awake and wanted to play! Well those boot laces are just asking to be chewed aren’t they….

……after realising she couldn’t keep the laces Chi decided to go hide in her box. This is where all her toys get hidden after she’s finished playing with them…..I think she thinks I can’t find them if they are out of sight!

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