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So Day 4 has not quite gone according to plan but hey ho that life and these things happen. As yet I haven’t bounced around like a crazy person but there is still time and I fully intend to get todays workout done.

Creatively I have been putting together a toy-come-interactive food dispenser for Chi made out of toilet rolls no less! You may think I’m crazy but when I decided I wanted to get a kitten I did some research as I knew my kitty was going to be a permanent indoor house cat and I wanted to make sure that she would have the best environment possible. Russian Blue’s generally make great house cat’s but they are an intelligent breed and do need mental stimulation. The majority of a cat’s day would usually be spent hunting for food but when they are kept as pets this is obviously not the case. Their fabulous owners lovingly provide them with their favourite food and that’s it, job done. After looking online I found lots of info for amusing your kitty and one suggestion was to tape lot’s of toilet rolls together and then put food in and watch hilarity ensue! I made Chi a small one when I took her down to the Island (Chi is a traveling kitty and loves trains!) and she loved it so I’ve recreated my effort but on a grander scale….

….ugly isn’t it? Despite it’s ugliness Chi loves it’s (she sat next to me purring madly whilst I was making it) and once the food was in she was in heaven. Given her love for chewing things I’m not sure how long it will last but at least I’ll never run out of the raw materials to make her more!

I took pictures of todays outfit and hated every single one of them, so I took some more…..hated those too, boo. The only photo I liked was the one of my boots…

……so there you are! Gorgeous boots from Office which are actually very comfy, Chi being helpful yet again in the taking of photographs and tomorrows sewing project, citin! Does that ever happen to you? You are wearing what you think is a really cute outfit yet no matter how many pictures you take you hate all of them? I loved the outfit (green jumper, blue jeans and the boots in case you were interested) so I wore it but there was no way I was putting any of the sixty odd pictures I took up on here!

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