Hey Peeps!

A very quick post today as I’m heading out to shake my funky thang at The Box to celebrate Miss Amber’s birthday, whoop. These will probably be the only photos of my outfit as picture taking isn’t permitted once inside The Box, what happens in The Box stays in The Box! How many times can you say “The Box” in one sentence?

I decided to wear this little lot….

Cape: A stall at Winter Wonderland
Belt: Topshop
Dress: Celeb Boutique
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

…I love these Celeb Boutique dresses, they really do suck you in and give you curves. Kind of like wearing a Spanx but in pretty dress form, non? I have my stupidly high heels on now but have craftily hidden my comfy flats in my bag for the slightly tipsy return home. Well it’s a birthday it would be rude not to get a little squiffy!

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