Hey Peeps!

Yesterday…..hangover from hell, never EVER drinking again! Despite wishing I could stay in my bed curled up in the foetal position, uttering the occasional moan I had more important things to do. My cousin is over from China for a few weeks and had organised a get together in central London which I couldn’t miss. Plus Mr McFly was going to be joining us so I had to show my face (he doesn’t know my cousins). It was lovely to see my cousins and it didn’t kill me which was a very real fear at one point!

So this past week has really been a mixed bag, but thinking about it there has been more good than bad (at least thats how I’m choosing to look at). I’ve been enjoying blogging more regularly again and even the exercising! The creative element I think has been my favourite though I have a new top, a nearly finished dress and Chiana got a new toy too. I have lots more ideas of things to make this coming week so watch this space!

Here is this weeks round up in picture form…

Chi in her Cat Cave / Swiss goodies / New game
Graze yumminess / Chi protecting me from the worlds largest house spider / Champers
Birthday Love from the Birthday Girl / Evil boys pushed me over / Chiana proving she loves me
…..as usual lots of food and kitten with only a little bit of ouch!
Today I went to the National Home Improvement show at Olympia to watch the Chef do his thing, eat the free food and make yummy noises where appropriate. This wasn’t too hard…
…on the left is all the food he whipped up in about twenty minutes and on the right is a dessert platter we shared at The Harwood Arms. After the Chef had finished his demonstrations at the show we snuck out and went to The Harwood for ginger beers and all those yummy things, so spoilt.
I’ve decided to wear this little lot today….
Cape: Winter Wonderland 
Belt: Accessorize
Jumper: Forever 21
Jeans: Levis
Boots: All Saints
…I’m loving this cape at the moment. When it starts to get a bit colder I going to wear it with my extensive collection of elbow length gloves, I have about seven pairs! 
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