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So I haven’t done one of these posts for a while and that’s mainly been because I haven’t actually been doing that much window shopping! When I started my shopping ban I was drooling over lovely things on my favourite websites pretty much daily but in the last couple of months thats really worn off. I’m not sure if it’s because of all the other stuff thats been going on (D. Ramas!) or I just haven’t really wanted to look, either way I’ve not actually missed the shopping…..maybe I’m cured! Nah who am I trying to kid, shopaholics unite wooooooo……!

Anyway, moving swiftly on (clearly the shopping ban has sent me round that final bend and in to crazy town) here is what I’ve been eyeing up this week….

Oasis Winter Rose Print Dress £65
Miss Selfridge Inspired Metal Bag £40
Topshop Pink Denim Skater Skirt £20
Grand Total: £125
….there were a few other items that had made it onto my Pinterest board but after looking at them again  I decided that these three are what I would actually have wanted to spend money on so I narrowed down the list! Go me! Usually I’d have bought the lot and they’d have ended up forgotten in my wardrobe. 
Today I wore my blue denim skater skirt, grey tee and little blue cardigan all of which I love. When I came to photograph them however I couldn’t get one picture I liked….out of seventy two! Not one. Hmmm. I did take a few pictures of some details though so here you are….
…Chi being cute, my lovely watch (which I’ve only just noticed has the wrong date!) and Irregular Choice flats. I think it’s very unfair that Chiana takes an amazing picture every time I point a camera at her and yet I really struggle to get just one that I like of myself. Shall try better tomorrow!
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