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October did not start as desired, I woke up yesterday with a head full of cotton wool aka a stinky cold, boo! Mr McFly and I had agreed to spend last night catching up on our Dexter watching (only four episodes left!) whilst eating home cooked food and drinking wine. I thought I ought to pre-warn Mr McFly of the viral plague I was currently incubating though just incase he didn’t fancy exposing himself but he’s made of sterner stuff than I thought and headed over despite the possibility that I was Patient Zero in the next zombie apocalypse! Honestly it’s not really that bad just a full head and a feeling of lethargy but I make the worst ill person ever and I’m always convinced I’m dying! I think Mr McFly was quite relieved to wake up this morning and realise I hadn’t zombified during the night and bitten him though.

As you are probably aware I’ve set myself a thirty day challenge and being sick was definitely not part of the plan! Jillian advocates that if your illness is neck up you drag your butt to the gym and just get on with it but the thought of bouncing around feeling like this fills me with dread (more dread than I usually feel before starting a workout!) so I’ve not. I’m hoping I will be feeling more the thing tomorrow and then it’s right back on schedule with Level 2 of the Shred.

There is absolutely no way I was photographing myself whilst I’m feeling like this. I did toy with the idea that Kate uses when she’s a bit poorly; photograph yourself in your cutest PJ’s just cover your face with your hands (I did attempt to look for an example of this on her blog but couldn’t find one amongst all the loveliness)  but I’ve ended up sleeping all day and on closer inspection I don’t own any cute PJ’s! This definitely needs to be rectified me thinks, I’m loving this Sewaholic pattern and it fit’s in with the creative part of my challenge. Mwahahahaha new PJ’s in my future!

So today I thought I would show you a few things that I have been lusting over, these are things that I absolutely love but probably wouldn’t have bought even If I wasn’t half way through my shopping ban. To start how about these gorgeous dresses from Celeb Boutique….

Rose Gold £125 / Hourglass £120 / Beige & White £120

…the rose gold one on the left is my very favourite of the lot and nearly ended up on my “What I Would Have Bought” list this week…..looking at it now I’m not sure why it didn’t! I’ve also been drooling over these…

Office Red Shoes £20 / Irregular Choice Boots £90 / Kandee Glittery Lips £51 / Office Black Shoes £20

…not buying shoes has probably been the hardest part of this challenge especially when these lovelies have all (apart from those boots) been reduced in the sales. Argh! I NEED them all…….honest. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up, shoes or clothes? Answers on a postcard please!
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