Hey Peeps!

I’m still ill! My cold decided it was lonely and invited a lovely chesty cough to come and keep it company and that was pretty much my entire week! I have slept, I have eaten and I have finally finished Dexter (two episodes a night over three nights this week means Mr McFly and I are all Dextered out…..I liked it BTW just in case you were interested). Other than that though I haven’t been able to do much at all. Exercising has been completely out (wheezing heap on the floor after twenty seconds…..I tried) and photographing myself whilst feeling like this (not mentioning how I look at the moment) has not been something high on my priority list. I have been doing lots of reading/research however (pattern altering don’t you know) and putting some of it into practice…..it’s been…..interesting!

In other news I have been having a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe recently. Tatty and myself have edited it so many times that it now only has items that I do genuinely love but….I’m not sure they all love me. I like to think that I have an hourglass figure (although at the moment it’s definitely having pear shaped tendencies) and I feel happiest when I’m wearing something that accentuates that….hence my love affair with the 50’s silhouette. Knowing this about myself in theory means that I should have bought things that suit me and fit in with what I know I like to wear but there are a lot of random items that seem to have snuck in. These are usually online shopping purchases that looked totally yummy on the models and gorgeous when they arrive. I liked the way they look so they get a place in my wardrobe but I never seem to pick them when I’m getting ready. I’m thinking another cull is order and this time I will have to be utterly ruthless.

Unfortunately a cull will mean my pile of “stuff to be eBayed” is going to get larger. I hate listing things on eBay….I can’t really tell you why but I do. I currently have two large boxes of clothes and a least twelve pairs of shoes that are waiting to be listed. I should just bite the bullet, pull my finger out and crack on. I’ve made the decision to start every listing at 99p and if it doesn’t sell first time round it’s off to the charity shop….more ruthlessness! There is an incentive for me to get listing though….I’ve decided that any profits I make can be used to buy fabric and patterns for making scrummy new clothes that will be exactly what I want.

For example: I bought this Kate Moss Pansy dress on eBay about two years ago and I’ve worn it exactly twice in that time. I love the print and I love the style but it’s just not quite right on me. Too short, too hippy and too boobtastic when I move but still……le sigh. So I’ve been hunting out some pansy print fabric I like and trying to find a wrap dress pattern that includes a nipped in waist, full skirt and no ruffle….I’m thinking this combination could be cute….

……I would make the skirt mid thigh length (longer than this Kate Moss lovely so I can actually move about without flashing my unmentionables) and possibly use white fabric for the collar and cuff details to brake up the busyness of the print….maybe. I think this is going to be a recurring project for me now because as I say I do love everything I own but some of it just isn’t “right” remaking things will be an interesting and fun way of making sure I do actually wear everything I own rather than just drool over it!

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