Hey Peeps!

I’m sure colds aren’t meant to last this long, it’s been well over ten days now……pesky pesky virus, enough already!

Right moving swiftly on…..back in August the fabulous Senhor B suggested making a look book video for Kittenish Behaviour and I of course jumped at the chance. It took way longer to plan than we initially thought but at the end of August we finally found ourselves in an amazingly beautiful location with some rather fancy equipment (steadycam and dolly anyone??) and little old Moi modelling my favourite designs. Here is what we came up with….

…..isn’t it beautiful! The best part of this video is that it’s completely shoppable! This means that if anything catches your eye whilst your watching just click on the little spinny icon and it immediately displays the product info, enough to make you want to buy… then just one more click will take you directly to the product page in my shop! How cool is that?

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